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Attention all buyers, sellers, real estate agents, investors, flippers, wholesalers and more, use this app to submit offers straight to sellers email with the speed and ease of the OWN phone app!

All of your real estate offers in one place.

With the OWN mobile app, you can submit, accept or reject mobile offers, and keep all of your information and documents in one place. Real estate has never been easier!

All up in the cloud

OWN is a cloud-based mobile app that lets you manage your real estate offers from your smartphone – wherever and whenever you need it.

Manage your offers in one place

Forget about sorting through piles of documents. OWN lets you submit, reject and accept offers and make counter-offers with a click of a button.

Who is this for?

Buyers, Sellers, Realtors, Licensed Professionals, Mortgage Loan Officers, Flippers, Investors, Wholesalers, Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Agents.

Create and send new offers

With an intuitive interface, OWN makes submitting an offer easy as a breeze. Create one or multiple offers, and bring your agent in only when you’re ready to complete the paperwork.

Organize it all

Want to send multiple offers to various clients? Simply clone your offers, select the recipients, and send away! Easy. Upload your entire contacts book and documents, save offers and information, and manage all of your data in a secure cloud-based application.

First offer is on us

Ready to fall in love with an app that lets you manage your offers on your OWN? Submit your first offer for FREE today.

Organize your offers

Master the art of real estate organization. Upload your documents and your entire contacts book to make sending, receiving and rejecting real estate offers easier than ever. Clone offers or share them with your clients, and manage multiple buyers and sellers in one place.

Manage your offers

Manage your real estate offers with ease: send, receive and take action with the click of a button. Submit multiple offers to multiple buyers to save time!

Your entire business in one place

Upload your documents, contacts and keep your offers in one place in our secure cloud-based solution.

Track your offers

Stay on top of your game by keeping track of your offers. See offers you’ve accepted or rejected, and compare and contrast to make the best decision.

See all your completed offers

Cut time on the paper-work and keep an eye on all of your completed offers.

Turn it into a motivating selling game

Knowledge is power. With the OWN app, making smart and savvy real estate decisions has never been easier.

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